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(Labor Only)

Supply your own part or we’ll order for you (Amazon). All parts are sold at cost. 

Wheel, Tire and Tube

Replace tube                                   $8.00

Mounting a new tire                         $8.00 

True a Wheel (per wheel)                $12.00 

Tubeless Conversion (per wheel)   $30.00

Brakes, Mechanical Disc and Caliper

Adjust Brake (per wheel)                $10.00 

Install new Brake Cable                 $12.00

Install Brake Pads (per wheel)        $10.00

Install Disc Brake (per wheel)         $20.00 

Brakes, Hydraulic

Install Disc Brake (per wheel)         $30.00

Bleed Caliper (per wheel)               $20.00

Install Brake Pads (per wheel)       $10.00 

Gears, and Derailleurs

Adjust Derailleur (Ft. or R)              $10.00

Install Derailleur Cable (Ft. or R)    $15.00

Install Shifter (L or R)                      $20.00

Install new Casset                          $10.00

Install new Chainrings                    $10.00

Install new Chain                            $10.00

Replace Derailleur (Ft. or R)           $20.00 

Pedals and Cleats

New pedal Instal                           $10.00

Cleats install                                 $10.00

Bottom Bracket 

Install new Bottom Bracket          $20.00


Install new Fork                            $40.00

Sag set-up (Air Fork)                    $10.00

Sag set-up (Rear Shock)              $10.00

Sag set-up Front and Rear          $15.00 


Tape installation                          $10.00

Grib installation.                          $10.00

Bike Assembly

Basic                                            $60.00

Full suspension                            $75.00

For all other services ask for a cost or reach out for any questions.

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